Statistical learning theory 2020

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General Information

Teachers: Bruno Bauwens and Vladimir Podolskii

Lectures: Saturday 9h30 - 10h50, zoom


- Group 1: Saturday 11h10 - 12h30, Bruno Bauwens and Vladimir Podolskii zoom,

- Group 2: Tuesday 18h, Nikita Lukyanenko, see

Homeworks: deadlines every 2 weeks, Sat 26 Sept, 10 Oct, etc. before the lecture.

Course materials

Date Summary Lecture notes Slides Problem list Solutions
12 Sept Introduction and sample complexity in the realizable setting lecture1.pdf slides1.pdf Problem list 1 Update 16.09, prob 1.2 Solutions 1
19 Sept VC-dimension and sample complexity lecture2.pdf slides2.pdf Problem list 2
26 Sept Risk bounds and the fundamental theorem of statistical learning theory
03 Nov Rademacher complexity and margin assumption

Office hours

Person Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bruno Bauwens 16h15-20h00 Room S834 Pokrovkaya 11

It is always good to send an email in advance. Questions are welcome.