ST2187 Seminar 2

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ST2187 Business analytics, applied modelling and prediction

After this seminar you should be able to:

* Use the YAML for Structured data description
* Use the histogram as the instrument for data analysis 
* Understand the main  idea of ABC approach
* Plan the ABC analysis for some dataset
* Have an experience in interpretation of ABC analysis results

Presentation for seminar:

Home work for Seminar 2

1. You should connect Python to data from HSE-WMSSIM-ABC-01.xlsx [1], convert it to csv and add the column ABC. After this you should plot number-of-boxes = F(sortedSKU) Python code and result should be in TASK2-ABC-calc with names , ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-Seminar_02-ABC.CSV, and ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-Seminar_02-ABC.png,

2. Direct Exel xslx file should be processed to add the ABC column to file ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-Seminar_02-ABC.xslx and result should be also in TASK2-ABC-calc

3. List of events for bakery should be developed in the style

E01 Take stack from track E02 Put stack to zone 1


and resulting file ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-Seminar_02-events.csv should be in TASK2-events

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