ST2187 Lecture 5

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Home work

1. Home work from UoL

Data for home work

Results should be in as file and ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-task5.png

Deadline passed to next week.

2. Backery orders data set

In there are 7 files in xslx Excel format for clients requests and orders for the one week

Students should convert data to any format and get the acces from Python

The first case is to determine the HSE-bakery-ABC.csv

Not for delivery. Results should be in as file HSE-bakery-ABC-FIO-FIO.csv

The second case is to provide daily statistics for production delivery in boxes and items for A,B,C and D groups ant Total as a histogram HSE-bakery-OrdersHist-FIO-FIO.png

UPD: Due to problems with the dataset this task could be calculated in boxes. Students should ignore the items column.

3. Tableau

Students should connect Tableau to Backery orders data set , calc a histogram HSE-bakery-OrdersHistTableau-FIO-FIO.png and load it to

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