Risk-Management DSBA 22-23

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General course info

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After each lecture, possible topics for personal/group research will be provided. The date and format of the preparation of the report/research/case will be discussed with each student.
There will be 2 tests at the beginning and in the middle of the course. Each test will have 30 tasks: 20 tests questions (1 point), 10 tasks (from 2 to 4 points). More than 50% correct answers => positive mark
The exam will be held orally. The student receives a ticket which includes 2 questions on the topics covered. After the answer, the student can be asked additional questions on the course program, as well as tasks for understanding the theoretical material. Such tasks do not require extensive calculations.


0.3 * Exam + 0.4 * Homework + 0.3 * Test

Teachers and assistants

Lecturer: Dmitriy Stepanchenko