Probability and Statistics (DSBA)

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This page contains information about Statistics course at DSBA.

Actual syllabus can be found here.

Teachers and assistants

Group БПАД211 БПАД212 БПАД213 БПАД214
Teacher Peter Lukianchenko
Assistant Maria Alekseeva Matvey Ryumin Kirill Khodakovskiy Anastasia Chernysheva


We use Telegram messenger to share files and Zoom meetings links.

Link to course channel: click

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 (01.09.2021). Welcome to Statistics!

Lecture 2 (08.09.2021). Axioms of probability. Basics of combinatorics. Geometric probability.

Lecture 3 (15.09.2021). Random variable. Discrete pdf. Expectation and variance. Bernoulli distribution. Bayes rule.

Lecture 4 (22.09.2021). Joint discrete distribution. Conditional probability. Covariance. Correlation.

Lecture 5 (29.09.2021) Covariance. Correlation. Continuous distribution.

Lecture 6 (06.10.2021) Continuous distribution.

Lecture 7 (13.10.2021) Normal distribution. Standard normal distribution. Joint distribution. Uniform distribution.

Lecture 8 (27.10.2021) Data representation. Exponential, Poisson, and Uniform distributions. Continuity correction.

Lectures 9-10 (2-3.11.2021) Law of large numbers. Distribution of a function of random variable. Distribution of sample proportion. Chi-squared distribution.

Seminar notes


Grading system

2022/2023 2nd module
0.25 * Fall Home assignments + 0.25 * Fall midterm + 0.5 * Winter exam
2022/2023 4th module
Module2_score*0,3+ HA (m3-m4)*0,3+ Spring Midterm*0,25+Final Exam*0,15


  • Homework submitted after the general deadline will not be accepted.
  • The common mistakes made in the homework will be discussed during the seminars.
  • Any fact of cheating or breach of academic integrity will result in receiving a "0" (zero) for this work.