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About the course

THE FINAL EXAM will be held on 26.06.2015 at 18:10, room 501

Course web-page:

Instructors: Prof. Leonid Zhukov, Dr. Ilya Makarov
Teaching assistants: Andrey Shestakov, Dmitry Petrov, Julia Dodonova, Mikhail Dubov, Eugeniy Kolbey, Tanya Makhalova, Pavel Perevedencev, Daniil Gizdatullin, Eugeniy Tsymbalov, Sergei Korolev.

Please, send your questions and home assignments to with prefix [MAGOLEGO SNA 2015] in message topic


3 April 2015: Basic concepts and pre-requisites for the course. Introduction to R and igraph [R tutorial (.pdf)], [igraph tutorial (.Rmd), (.html)]
10 April 2015: Graph file-formats. Power law. Network descriptive statistics [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)], [Network data (.zip)]
17 April 2015: Graph models [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)]
24 April 2015: Centrality metrics [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)]
15 May 2015: Dense subgraphs and communities [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)]
22 May 2015: Graph Patterns, Assortativity Mixing [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)]
29 May 2015: Epidemic Models [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)]
5 June 2015: Information Propagation Models [Lab Script (.Rmd), (.html)], [Graph (.txt)]

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Home Assignments

1. Power law. Descriptive network analysis -- [due date - 24.04.2015 23:59] -- [(.Rmd), (.html)]
2. Graph models. Centrality metrics -- [due date - 15.05.2015 23:59] -- [(.Rmd), (.html)], NodeXL Tutorial
3. Network preprocessing. Community detection -- [due date - 05.06.2015 23:59] -- [(.Rmd), (.html)]
4. Network Epidemics -- [due date - 19.06.2015 23:59] -- [(.Rmd), (.html)]

Results (Update 25.06.2015)

Usefull Links\Docs

  1. R Markdown Cheat-Sheet
  2. R Short Introduction
  3. Learning R with SWIRL