MachineLearning1 DSBA2020

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Lecturers and Teachers

Group 181 182
Lecturer Oleg Melnikov
Teachers Boris Tseytlin Stepan Zimin

About the course

This course introduces the students to the elements of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised methods such as linear and logistic regressions, splines, decision trees, support vector machines, bootstrapping, random forests, boosting, regularized methods and much more. The two modules (Sept-Dec, 2020) use Python programming language and popular packages to investigate and visualize datasets and develop machine learning models. The next two modules (Jan - May, 2021) use R programming language to prepare students for the exam from the University of London (UoL) and London School of Economics (LSE), which will count towards the UoL degree of DBSA and ICEF students. Pre-requisites: at least one semester of calculus on a real line, vector calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, computer programming in high level language such as Python or R.

All course materials are available at the canvas platform


Interim assessment (1 module) = 0.35*Homework + 0.1*Quizzes + 0.05*Participation + 0.5*Exam
Interim assessment (4 module) = 0.35*Homework + 0.1*Quizzes + 0.05*Participation + 0.5*(Module1 + T2 + T3+ 2*UOL)