Introduction to programming 2

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Name Role Telegram
Sergey Shershakov Lecturer, workshop presenter @bjolyk
Andrei Tatarnikov Workshop presenter @andrewt0301
George Piatsky Workshop presenter @p_george
Kirill Rudakov Workshop presenter @ArcticBEARD
George Marshalko Assistant @gmarshalk
Ilya Kostyuchenko Assistant @ilyakooo0
Michael Diskin Assistant @yhn112


CMake template

Contest 1

Telegram hashtags

#src #code #test
#slides #build

Ongoing Assessment Results


Week Lecture 1 (Thu) Workshop 1 (Wed, Thu, Mon) Lecture 2 (Tue) Workshop 2 (Tue)
1 Jan 10
Extra materials:
Jan 9, 10, 14 Jan 15
Jan 15
2 Jan 17 Jan 22

Setting up C++

If you have any problems installing the software you can contact @gmarshalk for Windows or Linux questions and @ilyakooo0 for macOS questions.

Setting up C++ on Windows or Linux

Setting up C++ on macOS

Installing CMake on macOS

Generating an Xcode project from CMake