English DSBA 2020/2021

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Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Teachers Anna Ovchinnikova
Maria Сoen
Marina Sildimirova
Cristian Cooper
Groups 201-1
Assistants Kirill Derkach
Ranga Baminiwatte
Marianna Kouis

Grading system

1-2 modules

G 1-2 modules= G cumulative 1-2 modules* 0.6 + G exam 2 module* 0.4
G cumulative 1-2 modules = G attendance, classwork * 0,4 + G homework * 0,3+ G tests * 0,3

3-4 modules

G 3-4 modules = G cumulative 3-4 modules * 0.6 + G IELTS mock exam * 0.4
G cumulative 3-4 modules = G attendance, classwork * 0,4 + G homework * 0,3+ G tests * 0,3

Final Grade

G final = IELTS * 0.4 + G cumulative for the academic year * 0.6, where
G cumulative for the academic year = (G 1-2 modules + G 3-4 modules)/2

Students can improve their G tests by 1 point. To do so they have to do 8 bonus point tasks in modules 1-2 and 8 bonus point tasks in modules 3-4.


December exam (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) with IELTS task types

The exam is conducted on two days: Saturday (speaking test, 14.00-18.00) and Monday (written test, 10.00-12.00, speaking test, 12.00-17.00). Here is the schedule

1) Your Monday exam will start tomorrow at 10.00 sharp. 2) We ask you to be on time as we will start with listening and as you know you can listen only once. 3) Then you will do the reading part and then one writing task. All the links to the test and the materials will be sent by the conference host.

The exam should take up to 2 hours, and if all goes well we'll finish in 90 minutes.

4) You will be working in your subgroups, each of which will be supervised by one of us or our TAs and Natalia Abovian.

201-1 Anna Vasilievna 201-2 Maria Mikhailovna 202-1 Kirill 202-2 Marina Aleksandrovna 203-1 Ranga 203-2 Marianna 204-1 Christian 204-2 Natalia

5) We ask you to check that your Internet works well tomorrow because we will play the listening sections for you. It means that you won't be able to download any audio files but will have to rely on the quality of your internet connection to make sure that you can hear the audio well.

It helps sometimes to ask your roommates or family members not to download/watch any movies while you are doing the test.

6) The rules (read more rules in the enclosed file)

- The cameras have to be switched on at all times. - The sound has to be switched on during the reading and writing tasks. - It is forbidden to stand up and walk away from your computer while doing the tasks. - It is forbidden to eat and/ or drink during the exam. One can only drink water, using a glass or a bottle without labels. - It is forbidden to talk to anyone during the exam. Talking is considered cheating and the student is asked to finish their exam and gets a 0. - The exam should be done individually by every student. The writing task answer will be checked for plagiarism. - It is forbidden to use one's phone. - It is forbidden to use dictionaries, books or any other reference materials. - It is forbidden to open any windows or tabs other than the exam task tabs.

If you have questions, we advise you to ask them BEFORE the start of each part of the exam. If you have questions later, you have to send a private message to the host of the conference.

More information about the reading and writing parts could be found in the enclosed file.

Links to the written exam on 21 December, 10.00-12.00
Proctor Anna Ovchinnikova Maria Сoen Kirill Marina Aleksandrovna Ranga Marianna Christian Natalia
Group 201-1 201-2 202-1 202-2 203-1 203-2 204-1 204-2
Link Click
password: 535366
Click Click Click
password: 2012
Click Click Click Click

December exam resit 1: January 16, 09.00-14.00
password: 761803

IELTS Mock in March (a complete IELTS Academic test)

Students should be in the rooms at 09.45.

Written part: 10.00-12.40 (R206, R505, R506). All personal possessions including smartphones should be left in room R615.

Listening: 40 minutes
Reading: 60 minutes
Writing: 60 minutes


Interviews conducted in person: 14.00-19.00 (T320, T321) Online interviews: 15.00-21.00

A.V./ M.A. 09.30-11.15
M.M. 19.45-20.30

Christian: 17.30-18.30 (202-1), 19.00-20.30 (204, 202-1)

Here is where the exam is held


Before the written part
1) The test starts at 10:00, but you should be seated at 09.45, so arrive on time.
2) Your overcoats must be left downstairs in the cloakroom.
3) All belongings including your mobile phones are to be left in room R615.
4) You can take with you a bottle of water (label-free), a pen, a pencil and an eraser only.
5) Smartphones, smartwatches and other smarts are not allowed. In case any gadget is found with you, the test results are cancelled and you are disqualified.

During the test

6) You can make notes in the booklets.
7) Note that only your answer sheets (for READING and LISTENING) are to be checked.
8) Test timing will be noted on the board (for WRITING and READING).
9) In case you have a question, raise your hand and an assistant/teacher will help you asap.
10) You cannot talk during the test with other students or look at their answers or booklets. If we catch you doing so, the test results are cancelled and you are disqualified.
11) You should stop writing when you are asked to finish the test and in case you continue writing, it is regarded as cheating and the test results are cancelled.


The test starts with LISTENING.
The next part to be done is READING.
The WRITING part comes after the other two.


The day finishes with SPEAKING. During the interview, no gadgets are allowed. You should come 20 minutes before your time. You should not discuss the questions you were asked with each other.

And here is the timetable

Final Exam in June conducted by an external institution