Elements of Econometrics

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About the course

Econometrics is an introductory full year course for the 3-rd year students of the DSBA programme of NRU HSE. The course is taught in English and finally examined by HSE final exam.

The stress in the course is done on the essence of statements, methods and approaches of econometric analysis. The conclusions and proofs of basic formulas and models are given which allows the students to understand the principles of econometric theory development. The main attention is paid to the economic interpretations and applications of the econometric models.

Detailed information can be found in Smart LMS

Professors and assistants

The lecturer for this course is Ivan Stankevich

The seminar instructor is Ksenia Kasianova


Grade 2nd module = 0.1*HW_1 + 0.2*Q_1 + 0.25*Midterm_1 + 0.15*Project_1 + 0.3*Exam_1,


  • HW_1 is home assignments during the first semester
  • Q_1 is quizzes during the first semester
  • Project_1 is group project

Arithmetic rounding is applied for the final grade.

A retake is provided for the exam only. Other assessment elements will not be changed.

The grade after the second retake will be counted according to a different formula: Grade 2nd module = 0.1*HW_1 + 0.1*Q_1 + 0.1*Midterm_1 + 0.1*Project_1 + 0.6*Exam_1_RETAKE_GRADE


Additional information is available on Github page and in Telegram chat

All grades are in Google Doc