Discrete Mathematics 2 DSBA 2023/24

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This page contains basic information for the course Discrete Mathematics 2 in 2023/2024 academic year at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics' (DSBA).

Find more information about the course including lecture presentations, seminar sheets, link to the chat in Smart LMS [1].

Professors and assistants

The lecturer of the course in 2023 fall term is Boris Radislavovich Danilov (brdanilov@gmail.com).

Seminar instructors

Group 221 222 223 224
Teachers Boris Danilov Carlos Buitrago Boris Danilov
Assistants Глеб Кругликов Елизавета Осипова Егор Корнелюк Мария Алексеева
Lecturer’s assistant Алёна Числова

Midterm Test

Midterm test is held at the end of the first module.


Exam is held at the end of the course.

Second retake rules

Second retake is the written exam <EX> for the whole course.
<R2> = min(10, round( 0.8 * <EX> + 0.2 * <HA>))
If <R2> is >= 4 then <Final grade> = <R2>; otherwise <Final grade> = round( <EX>)


Grade <Final grade> for the course is determined by the formula:

<Final grade> = min(10, round( 0.25 * <HA> + 0.15 * <QZ> + 0.25 * <MT> + 0.35 * <FT>),

where <HA>, <QZ>, <MT>, <FT> are grades for interim assessment activities:

  • <HA> - Homework assignments
  • <QZ> - Quizzes (small control works on seminars)
  • <MT> - Midterm test
  • <FT> - Final test (exam)

All grades <HA>, <QZ>, <MT>, <FT> are rational numbers between 0 and 20; grade above 10 is considered "bonus score" for "starred" exercises.

Rounding in the formula means rounding to the nearest integer, tie-values are rounded up.

Automatic pass

If <AU> by the formula below is >=7 then by automatic pass <Final grade> = round(<AU>)
<AU> = min(10, 0.385 * <HA> + 0.23 * <QZ> + 0.385 * <MT>)
Please note that expression for <AU> does NOT include rounding.