Discrete Mathematics - 2 DSBA2020/2021

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This page contains of all useful link and materials for the course Discrete Mathematics - 2 in 2020/2021 year at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics'. All files below are designed for studying during the year and are constantly updated. In case of any misprints, please, notify us by e-mail.

Lecturers and teaching assistants

Group 191 192 193
Lecturer Alexander B. Dainiak
Teachers Alexander B. Dainiak Boris R. Danilov
Assistants Krsmanovich Marko Ermakov Andrey Tg @ermkw Lika Lomidze
Google classrooms 191 192 193

Grading System




Current Results

Check your progress and attendance up to now via DM2 Register Online.

Homework Deadlines

  • Homework #1 -- September, 12 (all groups)
  • Homework #2 -- September, 19 (all groups)

Homework submission rules

If homework is going to be physically handed in, then it must be done at class, before the start of the lesson.

When homework is being sent online scans/copies of the work must be submitted via Google Classroom by 11.59 PM of the corresponding due date.

Partial submissions aren't allowed -- homework must be either done on a sheet of paper and physically handed in to the teacher, or submitted as an online document via Google Classroom.

Lecture recordings

Lecture 1(01.09.2020).

Lecture 2(08.09.2020).

Problem sets

The Nth problem set usually contains the Nth group of problems united by common topic for one or more classes.

Problems to lecture 1

Other Resources

Course info

Recommended Reading

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