Calculus DSBA 2018/2019

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This page contains of all useful link and materials for the course Calculus I in 2018/2019 year at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics'. All files below are designed for studying during the year and are constantly updated. In case of any misprints, please, notify us by e-mail.

Documents and grading

The syllabus of the course can be found here.

1st semester

Lecturers and teaching assistants

Group 181(M+P+) 182 183
Lecturer Alexander B. Shapoval
Teacher Olga E. Oryol Lavrentin M. Arutyunyan
Assistant Dayana Mukhametshina Maria Fomenko ...pending...

Consultations schedule

Teacher/assistant mon tue wed thd fri
Alexander B. Shapoval
Olga E. Oryol
Lavrentin M. Arutyunayn
Dayana Mukhametshina
Maria Fomenko


Current results can be found at the conduit. Attention: the file is updated

Lecture notes and tasks

Lecture notes can be downloaded by link. Tasks for groups 181, 182 and 183: here.