Calculus 2 2019

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This page contains useful links and materials for the course Calculus-2 in 2019 Fall term at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics'. All files below are designed for studying during the term and are constantly updated. Syllabus can be found here.

Lecturers and teaching assistants

Group 181 182
Lecturer and instructor Sergey M. Lytkin
Teacher assistant TBA Marat Saidov
Lecturer assistant Anastasia Novichkova

Consultations schedule

Teacher/assistant Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Sergey M. Lytkin TBA TBA
Marat Saidov 13:40 - 15:00
Anastasia Novichkova


Link to the course channel: [1]


Grading system

The course grade formula is given by ROUND(MIN(0.4R + 0.2T + 0.2E + 0.2B + 0.2J, 10)), where

  • R is the regular activity mark (includes quizzes, small tests, seminar baselines, homeworks);
  • T is the midterm test mark;
  • E is the exam mark;
  • B is the total amount of bonus points;
  • J is the total mark for the problems in Jupyter notebooks.

See syllabus for the details.

Examination types

  • Homework assignements and quizzes
  • Midterm test
  • Exam


Current results can be found here.

Homework assignments

Homeworks can be passed in the written form to the teacher in class, or sent directly to the teacher assistant as photos or pdf files.

Bonus problems solutions can be passed to the instructor or sent to

Jupyter notebooks after completion should be sent to the lecturer assistant: Please comply with the following rules:

  • do not erase any existing cells (but you can insert your own);
  • if you are sending several files, pack them into a single archive file;
  • use the format "SURNAME_NAME_GROUP_VARIANT" as a name for your submission file (example: "Petrov_Ivan_181_4.ipynb", exactly 3 digtis for GROUP, 1 digit for VARIANT).


HW14: 17.12.2019 12:10 MSK.

Jupyter notebook "Functional Series": 20.11.2019 23:59 MSK.

Bonus problems from lectures 8-15: 21.12.19 23:59 MSK.

Bug reporting

All bugs in lectures, seminars, homeworks, Jupyter notebooks can be reported here.