Calculus-2 DSBA 2020 (ПАД)

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This page contains useful links and materials for the course Calculus-2 in 2020 Fall term at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics'. All files below are designed for studying during the term and are constantly updated.

Lecturers, instuctors and teaching assistants

Group 191 192 193
Lecturer Sergey M. Lytkin
Teacher instructor Sergey M. Lytkin Peter Kosenko
Teacher assistant Korney Tomashchuk Veronika Treumova Raphaël Fesler
Lecturer assistant Эмилия Шаймуратова @Emilichksa


Telegram chat: [1]

Course email:

Grading system

Result Sheets

The course grade formula is given by ROUND(MIN(0.25H + 0.2T + 0.2E + 0.2S + 0.25Z, 10)), where

  • H is the total mark for regular homeworks;
  • T is the midterm test mark;
  • E is the exam mark;
  • S is the total seminar mark (includes seminar attendence and activity, bonus problems reports);
  • Z is the total mark for quizzes in Yandex.Contest and programming tasks (in Yandex.Contest and Jupyter Notebooks).

Examination types

  • Weekly quizzes are published in Yandex.Contest
  • Homework assignements (usually one HW per 2-3 weeks)
  • Midterm test
  • Exam


Exam will be held online 25.12.2020 at 11:10 MSK. See the instructions for the details.

1 2 3 4 5


Homeworks can be sent directly to the teacher assistant or to the course e-mail. Please specify your name and group.

Homework 4 assignments: 191 192 193

Homework 3 assignments: 191 192 193

Homework 2 assignments: 191 192 193

Homework 1 assignments: 191 192 193

Jupyter task

Jupyter notebook "Rate of convergence"

The variant is specified in the F column of the list "Quizzes".

Solutions should be sent to

Deadline: 23.11.2020 23:00 MSK.

Please comply with the following rules:

  • do not erase any existing cells (but you can insert your own);
  • if you are sending several files, pack them into a single archive file;
  • use the format "SURNAME_NAME_GROUP_VARIANT" as a name for your submission file (example: "Petrov_Ivan_191_4.ipynb", exactly 3 digtis for GROUP, 1 digit for VARIANT).

Yandex.Contest quizzes

Form for registration: [2]

Fourier series quiz: [3]

Deadline: 12.12.20 22:00 MSK.


Each bonus problem can be taken by at most one student in a group. Bonus points can be earned after reporting the solution in class (at the end of the seminar or during the special class for bonus reports; reports are no longer than 10 minutes). Please inform your teacher instructor about the problem you've chosen, and make sure this problem is assigned to you in the table.


Lecture notes

Seminar problems