Algorithms and Data Structures DSBA 2022/2023

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The training course “Algorithms and Data Structures” is offered to students of DSBA Bachelor Program (Data science and business analytics aka Прикладной Анализ Данных) at the Faculty of Computer Science of the National Research University — Higher School of Economics (HSE). The course is classified as an compulsory subject; it is a four-module course (for the 2nd year students)

The course is dedicated to the basics of design and analysis of algorithms. It also involves learning fundamental data structures implemented by the C++ Standard Library (STL).

The lectures and practical classes are closely inter-related. The lectures are primarily intended to introduce new topics, whereas the practical classes are intended for solving specific problems by coding programs mainly in C++. Successful completion of “Introduction to Programming” course is the sole prerequisite for being enrolled in this course.

Main source of information

All related materials can be found in the corresponding Smart LMS course.
Please, primarily look for information there.

Lecturers and Teachers

Group 211 212 213 214
Lecturer Nikita Makarov
Workshop Instructors Julio Carrasquel
Anvardinov S.
Julio Carrasquel
Assistants Nikolay Chechulin Alexander Petelin Isa Gadaev Alexander Petelin

Please don't be shy if you do not understand something and feel free to ask your teachers and assistants.

Grading system

The Course Grade

The course grade is based on both ongoing assessment and final examination. The second module ends up with an intermidiate exam. The fourth module ends up with a final exam. The ultimate grade G for the whole course is calculated as:
Final Grade = 0.5 · 1st Module Grade + 0.5 · Grade for 2-4 modules

Cumulative Grades

Each grade is represented by the grade for the exam together with a cumulative grade.

1st Module Grade = 0.6 · 1st module Cumulative Grade + 0.4 · 1st Exam Grade

Grade for 2-4 modules = 0.6 · Cumulative Grade for 2-4 modules + 0.4 · 2nd Exam Grade

As a part of activities during the course, students must solve homework contests. Also during the classes, there are some activities available for students to be involved in. They include (but are not limited by) writing code and developing applications, evaluating practical problems, solving tests, answering questions and so on.

Cumulative Grade = min([10·(sum of all activities)/activitiesmax)], 10)