ACOS DSBA 2020/2021

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See the course Telegram group.

Course web site

Materials for the course are published here.


See the official syllabus in here.

Teachers and assistants

Group 191
192 193
Lecturer Andrei Tatarnikov , tg: @andrewt0301
Workshop Instructor Andrei Tatarnikov , tg: @andrewt0301
Alexey Kanakhin, tg: @kenaken
Evgeny Chugunnyy, tg: @juggernaut777
Assistant Fedor Ushakov
tg: @th3spring
Dmitry Voronetskiy
tg: @Voron179
Vladislav Abramov
tg: @vavabramov

Grading system

Grading formula can be found here.

Also, it is included in the syllabus.

Attendance and grades

Information on current attendance and performance is in this table.


Computer Architecture

Operating Systems