ACOS DSBA 2019/2020

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Information on the course is available at

Course topics by modules

Teachers and assistants

Group 181 182
Lecturer George Kouryachy , tg: @FrBrGeorge

Workshop Instructor George Kouryachy Andrei Tatarnikov , tg: @andrewt0301
Assistant Igor Mineev , tg: @objatie_groba
Azat Kalmykov , tg: @Azatik1000
Aleksei Basmanov , tg: @comunodi

Grading system

Grading formula can be found here.

Also, it is included in the syllabus.

Attendance and grades

Information on current attendance and performance is in this table.

Pre-grades for module 2 are here:

Lecture videos

Computer architecture and assembler language

Operating system programming

Workshop notes

To be published.


Computer architecture and assembler language (Module 2)


Operating system programming (Module 3)



See in LMS.