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At Crescent English school dubai From Kindergarten to Higher secondary, it has been catering a very high quality education right from its modest commencement.To wave its flag in the limelight is the mission and non swerving vision of CEHS. By adhering to its rich Indian tradition and values, CEHS could reach and maintain the international standards of education via value education and professional ethics of teaching.The unique curriculum not only heed attention to academics as others do, instead help mould their incumbent to face the dreadful global challenges with extreme confidence and excel as a multifaceted individual. A team of professionally skilled staffs make this into reality by delivering high quality education.At CEHS, activity-oriented teaching style is emphasized as far as the the core academic programme is concerned. Holistic approach is recommended as it give equal weightage to both extra curricular and co curricular activities to have healthy and a competitive spirit among students. CEHS follows a skill oriented teaching methods grooming the versatility of an individual. The proficient and professionally qualified teachers guide the students to explore the brilliance within them.It would leave an indelible mark and create an impact in the the education sector by up holding its great tradition under the competent leadership.