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Swords & Poker Adventure Sword & Poker are a Japanese role-playing mobile game developed by GAIA CO., Ltd. and launched January 7, 2020. A follow-up title called Sword & Poker Adventure was launched on May 4, 2020. A spin off game, called Swords & Poker Adventures, was released by Konami on November 16, 2020.

In Sword & Poker, you can freely enjoy fighting and strategizing with other players with your virtual poker sword. The virtual poker sword resembles a real sword and can be used to defeat other characters that appear in the game. Players can also earn experience Situs IDN Poker points and cash in on these points for prizes or other in-game purchases.

In Swords & Poker, players compete against each other to complete quests and achieve missions, while completing levels and challenges. The player can unlock new moves and skills by levelling up and defeating enemies. Each of the character's strengths and skills is different so it is vital to have different strategies as you fight to defeat your opponents. Once the player has defeated his opponent, the player can proceed to the next stage and progress to the next level.

Characters such as Shin, Kaku, and Tetsuo are available. Shin is a female character who IDN Poker fights with a sword in her hands and possesses a quick temper. Kaku is a male character who uses his sword to attack and block. Tetsuo is a male character who wields a large sword and is the main character of Sword & Poker Adventure.

When the player begins the game, he will receive a set of cards and a deck of cards. In addition, he will be given a set of dice that the player can roll the dice at his own convenience. The player must then collect gems to upgrade his weapons and battle enemies. Gems can be collected by defeating enemies and by making progress in the game.