ST2187 Seminar 4

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Seminar 4 Tips and triks in BPMN.

Home work 4

Students should develop in BPMN the model of daily production plan.

Case description Clients are sending requests in the form of daily quote not later than 12 00. This information could be changed not later than 16 00

Manager of logistics create daily production and logstics plan. This plan is signed by the director of logistics at 13 00 and 17 00. On the base of this plan at 13 30 and 17 30 Manager of logistics generates requests for bakery production delivery are sent to bakery suppliers.

At next day's 9 00 manager of logistics publish the daily report with plan/fact times and delivering results.

Results should be in Task-4 as file ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-task4.bpmn and ST2187-2020-FIO-FIO-task4.png

For the earlybird discovering (Not for Week4 homework) Dataset for shipping plan

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