ST2187 Business analytics, applied modelling and prediction

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Hi all! Here will be published the information about ST2187 Business analytics, applied modeling and prediction course

Aleksandr Khelvas
Evgeniya Tsybulko
Dr. James Abdey

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Grade Formula

BU==Business Unit of course Max=100

UoL==UoL Unit Max=100

BCWE==Business Course Work and Exam Max=100

BCFW== Business Course Final Work Max=100

BMU==Business Monthly Unit Max=100

Total score = 0.7*BU + 0.3*UoL

BU=BU1*0.5 + BU2*0.5

BU1=BCWE*0.4 + (BMU1+BMU2+BM3)*0.2

BU2=BCFW2*0.7 + (BMU4+BMU5+BM6)*0.1

For each BMUn all weekly homeworks should be positive.

For each homework student has the first attempt and if the result is not positive he should use the second one with new requirements.

Due Dates:

Reporting Due Date Comments
BMU1 Oct 3
BMU2 Nov 7
BMU3 Dec 5
BMU4 Feb 6
BMU5 Mar 6
BMU6 Apr 3
BCWE Dec 31
BCFW May 1

All BMU and BCW shoul be prepared and presented by pairs of students

Best 3 BMU grants +5 to BU1 and BU2 Best 3 BCW grants +10 to BU1 and BU2

Home work schedule

BHW - Home works for Business Unit

UoL - Home works for UoL

Week Link BHW UoL Due Date
Week 1 + Sept 21
Week 2 + Sept 25 + Sept 25

Home work files requirements

All student's files should have names


FIO - latin like IvanovII

Cyrillic and special symbols in file names are prohibited.

Course structure


Lecture 1 Course structure. Requirements and deliverables. Semantic model of problem. Ontology of Case 1. Bakery (COS Block 1)

Seminar 1 Data. Structured data types. CSV, XML, JSON, YAML. Excel simplest applications. Bakery component description in YAML.

Lecture 2 Introduction to the course, overview, assessment, Monty Hall problem (LSE Block 1)

Seminar 2 ABCD analysis in excel. Histogram in Excel.

Lecture 3 Events in the time. Poisson point process.

Seminar 3 Tracks arriving schedule analysis and simulation.

Lecture 4

Seminar 4

Lecture 5 Descriptive statistics, relationships between variables, Tableau (LSE Blocks 2, 3 and 4)

Seminar 5

Lecture 6

Seminar 6

Lecture 7 Probability, distributions, decision trees (LSE Blocks 5, 6 and 7)

Seminar 7

Lecture 8

Seminar 8

Lecture 9

Seminar 9

Lecture 10

Seminar 10


1. YAML from Tutorials Point (I) Pvt. Ltd.

2. YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML™) Version 1.2 3rd Edition