Reinforcement learning 2021 2022

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Lecturers and Seminarists

Lecturer Naumov Alexey [] T924
Lecturer Denis Belomestny [] T924
Seminarist Samsonov Sergey [] T926
Seminarist Maxim Kaledin [] T926

About the course

This page contains materials for Mathematical Foundations of Reinforcement learning course in 2021/2022 year, optional one for 2nd year Master students of the Math of Machine Learning program (HSE and Skoltech).


The final grade consists of 2 components (each is non-negative real number from 0 to 10, without any intermediate rounding) :

  • OHW for the hometasks
  • OProject for the course project

The formula for the final grade is

  • OFinal = 0.5*OHW + 0.5*OProject

with the usual (arithmetical) rounding rule.

Table with grades





Recommended literature (1st term)