Introduction to Economics 2020/21

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About the course

The full syllabus can be found here: official HSE course page.


Online lectures and Assignments on Coursera platform.

Introduction to Economics is a one-semester course delivered for the first-year DSBA students in the Spring semester. It is taught in English and Russian. First part of the course is based on online course on Coursera platform “Microeconomic Principles”. The second part of the course will be devoted to Macroeconomic Principles and will be taught in-class. This course is designed to develop students’ critical thinking and economic reasoning skills and focuses on the core micro- and macroeconomic models. Based on standard modelling framework, the course addresses problems of market structures, equilibrium and market failures. It also provides the basic toolkit for the analysis of business cycles, such as the IS-LM-BP and AD-AS models, and describes the real world phenomena such Central banks actions, social policy of the government etc in the framework of that models. PREREQUISITES: This is an introductory course and requires virtually no specific knowledge of the subject. Working knowledge of mathematics (i.e. elementary calculus) is a must.

Grading System

The course involves the following form of assessment: б

  • in-class quizzes
  • two midterm tests (one in the 3rd module, another in the 4th module)

Grade for the 1st part of the course is computed as: 0,30*average for the 3rd module quizzes + 0,70*3rd module open book test.

Grade for 2nd part of the course is computed as: 0,30*average for the 4th module quizzes + 0,70* 4th module open book test.

Final grade for the course is computed as: 0,50*3rd module grade + 0,50*4th module grade.

3rd module grades

Recommended Reading

  • Krugman and Wells. Microeconomics, 3rd Ed
  • Olivier Blanchard, Alessia Amighini, Francesco Giavazzi, Macroeconomics: European perspective. 3rd ed.

Additional reading:

  • Lipsey, R.G. and K.A. Chrystal. Economics. (Oxford University Press).