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Test is carried out using asynchronous proctoring. Each student needs to record the process of programming using OBS Studio, upload the result to the cloud storage and provide a link to the recording. To participate, you will need a computer with a webcam and microphone (in particular, all modern laptops are equipped with them) and Internet access.

You need to install OBS Studio via the link

You need to configure three input stream sources: microphone, webcam and screen capture. Learn more about the setup in the video:

Start recording 5 minutes before the start of work. Late students (who started recording not before the start of the Test) will be disqualified. Your videos will be viewed only by teachers and assistants. After the end of the Test, you will have 30 minutes to send the recorded video.

Do not delete the video until your teacher checks the recording!

During the test, it is allowed to use only

- the website of the testing system (including your solutions to the homework)

- development environments (not online, but installed on a computer)

- lecture & workshop notes. It is also allowed to use own paper lecture/workshop notes

- documentation on

Disable all messengers in advance and close unnecessary tabs. It is forbidden to use collaboration tools, including Collab During the test, communication with other people is not allowed, warn those who are with you at the recording site in advance. It is also forbidden to use headphones during the test!

If you have completed the solution of tasks before the end of contest, you need to send a message about it in the testing system. In case of attempts to solve problems after this message, you will be disqualified.

Communication with other participants is prohibited until the end of the Test- both participants will be disqualified.

Please check in advance that you have learned how to record video in the required format - this process can sometimes cause problems. All solutions to problems related to recording in OBS Studio are described on the Internet. So that the recorded files do not take up a lot of space, you can lower the bitrate: 500 Kbps is enough for video and 64 for an audio. Watch the video at the link above - it shows how to set it up.

Conducting the test: Actions that you must perform before the contest:

1) Physically disconnect and remove any electronic devices and additional monitors from the workplace

2) Prepare for the fact that you will not be able to leave the workplace for 1 hour and 20 minutes

3) Enable recording from three sources: screen, webcam and microphone in OBS Studio. Make sure that recording is enabled from the entire screen, and not from a separate window. Make sure that the microphone and camera are turned on.

4) Record your workplace from all sides and its surroundings

5) Show blank sheets that you plan to use during drafts

6) Show you passport (page with your photo)

Procedure during the contest: During the contest, you must ask questions only through chat in zoom. If you are working with a draft or paper notes, point the webcam so that your hands are visible. Don't forget to point the webcam at your face when you return to work at the computer. If you want to finish the Test ahead of time, write a message about it using the questions interface in the testing system and follow all the steps listed below (After the end of the contest).

After the end of the contest:

1) At the end of the contest, within 30 minutes, you must place the videos recorded during the competition on Yandex disk, google disk, dropbox or youtube, fill out the form, indicating the link to the recording file (just a file, not a folder) in it.

2) In case of technical problems with video uploading or problems with meeting the time limit (30 minutes), fill out the form, indicate in the "link to video" field the size of your video file with a byte precision and write to your seminarist or TA. After solving the problem, fill out the form a second time and provide a link to your video.