English DSBA 2019/2020

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This page contains of all useful link and materials for the course English 2019/2020 at Bachelor’s Programme 'HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Data Science and Business Analytics'. All files below are designed and updated during the academic year. In case of any misprints, please, notify us by e-mail.

Teachers and teaching assistants

Group 191-1/2 192-1/2 193-1/2
Teachers Anna Ovchinnikova
Marina Sildimirova
Maria Nechui-Veter
Assistant Kirill Derkach
Azalia Zakieva
Arina Ruck


Group 191-1 191-2 192-1 192-2 193-1 193-2
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Grading system

1-2 modules

G 1-2 modules= G cumulative 1-2 modules* 0.6 + G exam 2 module* 0.4
G cumulative 1-2 modules = G attendance, classwork * 0,4 + G homework * 0,3+ G tests * 0,3

3-4 modules

G 3-4 modules = G cumulative 3-4 modules * 0.6 + G IELTS mock exam * 0.4
G cumulative 3-4 modules = G attendance, classwork * 0,4 + G homework * 0,3+ G tests * 0,3

Final Grade

G final = IELTS * 0.4 + G cumulative for the academic year * 0.6, where
G cumulative for the academic year = (G 1-2 modules + G 3-4 modules)/2

Syllabus document

Examination types

The exam in December comprises two parts: written with listening, reading, writing, and speaking, which is a 10-minute interview.
IELTS Mock Exam at the end of Module 3 is held on two days. It has a written part of 160 minutes and a 14-minute interview. All exam tasks follow IELTS task types.
Final exam (IELTS Academic) is conducted by an external institution at the end of the course (academic module 4). IELTS grade is converted to HSE grade according to the conversion scale.
Also link for the general course plan