Discrete Mathematics DSBA2019/2020

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Blended part

The first topic of our course is ``What is a Proof?". It is the first week ``Making Convincing Arguments" on the Coursera course . It is recommended (but not obligated) to study the whole course.

Grading System

Intermediate grade 1

Cumulative grade-1 = 50% colloquium-1 + 50% homework

Intermediate grade (module 2) = 60% cumulative grade-1 + 40% intermediate exam (module 2)

Intermediate grade 2

Cumulative grade = (3/14) colloquium-1 + (3/14)colloquium-2 + (3/14) intermediate exam + (15/42) homework

Intermediate grade = 70% cumulative grade + 30% final exam

Grade “homework assignments” is an average grade of all the homework assignments in the course.

Intermediate grade 2 is the final grade for the course included in a diploma supplement.

Rounding of the cumulative grade, intermediate and final grades must be performed according to the following rules. Rounding down for marks between 1 and 5, rounding by the rules of arithmetic for marks between 5 and 6, and rounding up for all the other marks.

There is no possibility to get an extra point to compensate the low cumulative grade.