Data Base 2020/2021 DSBA

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Версия от 16:59, 29 сентября 2020; NATab (обсуждение | вклад)

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About the course

The course attendants should develop skills and understanding in: the design methodology for databases and verifying their structural correctness; implementing databases and applications software in the relational model as well as in map/reduce paradigm; using querying languages, primarily SQL, and other database supporting software; applying the theory behind various database models and query languages; implementing security and integrity policies relating to databases; working in group settings to design and implement database projects.

Lecturer Alexander Breyman
Teacher Alisa Melikyan

Grading system

Grade= 0.3*written exam+0.28*group project+0.14*essay+0.14*midterm test+0.14*quiz

More detailed information can be found in HSE LMS system.