Calculus DSBA 2021/2022

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The discipline gives the fundamentals of mathematics, provides the foundation for mathematical modeling, and introduces the first concepts of data analysis. The prerequisites are high school algebra and trigonometry. Prior experience with calculus is helpful but not essential.

Lecturers and teaching assistants

Group 211 212 213 214
Lecturer Vasily Goncharenko
Teachers V. Goncharenko
V. Goncharenko
A. Trofimova
A. Trofimova
Assistants George Dudin
Telegram: @w_georgedudin
Pavel Manyakin
Telegram: @pavelmnkn
Anastasia Prokhorova
Telegram: @Anastation67
Vlada Voronina
Telegram: @vlada_voronina
Lecturer’s assistant Maria Alekseeva
Telegram: @iswbwtmadc


Results for the 1st semester can be found : here.

Course Materials


Grading system

The academic year is divided into 4 modules. At the end of the second and fourth modules the students pass a written exam (E). During the year students must also complete weekly home assignments. Professors and assistants can ask students to present their written solutions orally. Quizzes are held regularly in classes. Solving specific problems marked by the lecturer or class teachers, students may receive bonus points which influence the final term grade. This influence is expected not to exceed 10% of the grade. Here is the rule that defines the grade of each term:

Q1 = roundoff{min(0.4 ∗ RA + 0.6 ∗ E + B, 10)}, where:

  • Q1 is a final mark for the first semester (published in the end of December)
  • RA is the grade for the regular activity; consists of grades for tests passed at class and weekly home assignments. Problems solved in class are 5–10 times more valuable than problems solved at home
  • E is the exam grade
  • B is the total bonus; received only if the homework is solved completely

Q2 = roundoff{min(0.4 ∗ RA + 0.6 ∗ E + B, 10)}, which is a final mark for the second semester published in June.

Final course grade is calculated in the following way:

FCG = 0.4 ∗ Q1 + 0.6 ∗ Q2

Homework submission

During the first semester students will have to use Google Classrooms in order to submit their homeworks. Links to these classrooms one can find in the following table:

Links Group 211 (pvow4w3) Group 212 (tdw5evw) Group 213 (stjyxdi) Group 214 (w77y4kt) Quizes