Business and Management in Global Context 2020/21

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Syllabus (link will be here)

The course provides a review of international management as an area of theoretical development as well as a field of practice. It comprises the problem areas of globalization, the world economy and modern approaches to organisation and business. Main blocks of the course are trends and drivers of globalisation, political, economic and legal environments of international business, business ethics and corporate social responsibility in the modern world, international trade and investment, international business strategy, organisation of international business, functional areas of international management (marketing, R&D ect.) global information systems management. The course includes elements of economics, general management theory, psychology, anthropology and sociology. Business cases are used as an application of theoretical concepts.

The main objective of the course is to present modern concepts of international management to the students and help them to develop skills in the analysis of global business both in terms of its internal functioning and interaction with the different types of environment. The purpose of discipline - acquaint students with principles of international management, to demonstrate the use of marketing tools in the international markets and decision-making in this field.

Lectureres and Teachers

Lecturer an teacher E. Dimova

Grading system

Retakes are organized in accordance with the HSE Interim and Ongoing Assessment Regulations. Grade determination after retakes is done in accordance with ((par. 5 of this document)the syllabus).

Sample materials for knowledge assessment are available (here the syllabus).