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We have the conveyor with $10\le M \le 100$ stations for hand selection of products items to boxes. The volune of box is $V_b=0,034$.

List of sku is in SKU.xlsx file.

Each box moves from the beginning to the end of conveyor throu the set of stations $Z=\{z_1, z_2 dots, z_M\}$.

Each station works with zone, including the set of positions $N_m$.

The structure of store is in ZONES+positions.xlsx file

Each position is for one type of goods.

The $sku$ coluld be assignned with position only if position is empty.

The hand selection time for row is the functon of SKU, position number and quantity of items per row.

$$G(sku,qty, zone, position)=3600/Productivity* Qty+comfort+scan*T_sc*Qty$$

$T_sc=1$ - scanning time.

For comfort we will use the listed times:

AA 5

AB 10

AC 11.25

BA 12.5

BC 15

CA 17.5

CC 20

Д 22.5

ST 50

OБ 150

and is tabulated in our case.

Each zone has $N_z$ positions. We will assume that each position could be loaded from store any time we need in.

The source data is the set of rows per day:

    sku - good type
    qty - quantity
    datetime - dte and time     
    order - номер заказа 

Box moves with $v=0.6m/s$ from one section to another.

The distance between the stations is $a=8m$.

We should propose the input goods flow routing to zones and positions to minimize the time $T$ for daily hand selection.

It is necessary to estimate the mean and variance.

The model should be described in latex as an instruction and description and uploaded to