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Why Blackjack Maidens Is So Popular The Blackjack Maid is a poker tool which allows you to count cards without seeing the numbers. If you've ever been in a live poker game, you know that blackjack card counting is an extremely important part of playing poker. However, if you're a beginner to blackjack poker online, then you may not be familiar with the many different types of blackjack cards.

In addition to counting cards for bet type games such as Keno and video poker, there are also card counting games which require you to view the cards before making any kind of decision. One popular game is Stud Poker. In stud poker, you'll stand around a table with a group of people who want to beat the dealer. The dealer will deal the cards from the deck. When it comes time for everyone to bet, you all look at the cards one by one and place your bets based upon how certain cards are marked.